What kind of service can I expect from M.K. and Associates, Inc.?

At M.K. and Associates, Inc., our goal is to build a long term relationship with our applicants. We take the time to learn your specific needs and career goals.  Our recruiters spend time talking with you, learning about your background. We help you find the position and give you information on the company.  You will know who you are interviewing with and what they are looking for.  We provide you with feedback from the company and help you with all of those difficult negotiations and questions, not to mention some really great interviewing tips!

Who pays the fee?

All fees are paid by our client companies, so there is no monetary obligation on your part.  This service is free to you, with no risk involved!

 Is this service confidential?

All information is strictly confidential to M.K. and Associates, Inc. only.  We take great pride in the service that we provide and can assure you that you will be given the confidential, professional and personal attention you desire.  You will not be part of any mass mailing of resumes.  You tell us what you are looking for and we’ll search the marketplace based on that information.

Why should I work with M.K. and Associates?

 You‘re busy building a career.  Let us be your eyes and ears in the market.   Opportunity usually knocks when we least expect it!

Can I send you my resume even if I don’t see a job listed that fits me?

 Yes!  If your background and experience are in any of the areas we work, please feel free to submit your resume.   Better yet, give us a call to discuss your experience, goals, and interests.

All of our searches start with our database.  If you submit your resume, we will find you when something right for you comes up.  If we also have notes from talking with you, your chances improve significantly.

I submitted my resume, now what?

If you don’t hear from us within a few days, call us!  We want to get to know you.

Will you help me if I know of a particular job/company that I want to apply for?

 Absolutely!  If you are interested in a particular job or company, the chances are good we will be able to present you. (submit resume here)

Do you accept referrals?

 At M.K. and Associates, we welcome all referrals of food industry professionals, and treat every potential candidate or client with the same level of professional attention.