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John Mossman
Partner - M.K. and Associates, Inc.

John Mossman is a principle partner at M.K. and Associates, Inc. He has been in the industry since 1983, recruiting for a variety of technical industries. John's career began in Chicago, where he was a manager for a large recruitment firm. During the years, John developed his technical expertise in several industries, focusing on chemical and electrical engineering. Since establishing M.K. and Associates Inc. with partner Maureen Knowlson in 1990, John has developed expertise in all technical and operations management areas of the Food Industry. In addition to running his recruiting desk, John is the Administrative Manager at M.K. and Associates, Inc.

"There is a synergy created by the combination of positions we fill that gives us a competitive advantage. That translates into more placements, which is good for companies, good for applicants, and good for M.K. and Associate, Inc."
- John Mossman, Partner - M.K. and Associates, Inc.

Maureen Knowlson
Partner - M.K. and Associates, Inc.

Maureen Knowlson is a principle partner at M.K. and Associates, Inc. She has a breadth of experience in the recruiting industry, having begun her career in 1986. Maureen entered the industry with a large recruitment firm in Chicago, where she was quickly promoted to manager after her first year. Maureen's areas of expertise include Research & Development, Quality Assurance and Technical Sales, as well as other areas in the technical field of Food Manufacturing. In addition to running her recruiting desk, Maureen manages the research staff at M.K. and Associates, Inc.

“People associate foods and beverages with feelings and emotions. Because of that, the industry attracts people with a lot of passion. Matching people and companies who share the same passions is what I do. Whether I place an executive or a technician, making that successful match is always gratifying.”
- Maureen Knowlson, Partner - M.K. and Associates, Inc.

M.K. and Associates is also staffed with several recruiters and research associates, as well as administrative personnel. Call M.K. and Associates, Inc. and one of our well trained staff will be happy to assist you with your job search efforts.

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