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John and his team were instrumental in helping me find excellent talent to staff a recently-acquired business with key leadership roles. John was able to deliver pre-screened, qualified candidates quickly and his "hit rate" was outstanding. His work saved me significant time and distraction, and allowed us to bring these leaders on board weeks (even months) sooner than if we were to have done it on our own.

Rick Ruffolo | CEO & President at CR Brands

I have known Maureen since 1990. In my dealings with her and her company, MK and Associates, I have been both a candidate and a client. In all instances, she and her group have provided excellent service and value in matching the right people for the right positions. She takes extensive effort to know you and your needs; to match talent with situations, assess the fit and personalities of all the players, and find the true gems out there, whether company or person. My relationship with she and her company has been exemplary, forthright, open and honest and I have not been disappointed with the talent she has brought to my organization or in her matching me with the right opportunity at the right time

Bob J. Dull, Ph.D., CNS, CFS | Chief Science and Technology Officer (contracted) at Balchem Corporation

John placed me twice in my 22 year food career. He is that good! I consider John to be one of the best in the business. My last placement was exceptionally difficult since I wanted to stay local and yet John found the perfect fit for me at the right compensation level. He puts his clients’ needs - both companies and employees - in the forefront and delivers

Pamela Stanyon | Sr.Commercialization Leader Keurig

Maureen is a recruiting expert. She does a great job in finding a good fit between companies and candidates. She has a thorough understanding of the company's culture and requirements. It translates into great advice and guidance for the candidate during the interview process. I would highly recommend her to anybody that is looking for positions in the food industry

Anisha Gorty | Innovation Scientist at McCormick

I first met John when I was looking for a new job. John was one of the few recruiters who was willing to listen to what I wanted to do as opposed to just putting me into a position. I have enjoyed getting to know John as a person as well as a recruiter and he is easy to relate to and is quite personable. I would work with John again if necessary and have even recommended him to a few colleagues. I highly recommended you consider using John when you begin or as you continue your career search

Darryl Holliday | Culinologist

Maureen's single greatest gift is being able to listen deeply enough to understand the less quantitative elements of a position and of a candidate. This allows a more intuitive style of matching the styles and talents that are not always articulated in the formal job description, and that are not always clear on a resume to create a deep level of role-candidate alignment. To use this well, Maureen tends to focus her efforts on clients who are willing to form deep engagements focused on longer term success.

David Bauer | Director QA at Harmless Harvest

I have worked in the food industry for over 23 years and have worked with various recruiters from time to time. Very early in my career I was fortunate to became acquainted with John Mossman. There are endless numbers of recruiters in the industry that do nothing more than cast their nets for resumes. Unsolicited phone calls and blanket e-mails are not something to expect from John or MK and Associates. He is a knowledgable and very well networked recruiter that can be counted on to work hard for you and his client companies as well. He should be the first person you call if you are looking for a job or an employee. I can tell you from experience that you will get your money’s worth

Brian Campbell | Manager of QA

Maureen is an expert in providing the "right fit" of people for the culture, job requirements, and needs of the business. She will not find people and throw them at you. She does an excellent job interviewing her clients on the needs before she recruits. You will not need to interview many people after Maureen provides you with 2-3 resumes. There is always a good fit of people being recommended by Maureen and her team

David Calvin | Director Quality and Food Safety at StarKist

Throughout my 18 year relationship with Maureen she has played a pivotal role in the advancement of my career; both as a candidate and as a client. She has consistently presented me with exceptional Regulatory Affairs talent. Her extensive network and knowledge of the food industry has made recruiting for a very specific skill set a breeze. The results speak for themselves...my entire team was brought to me courtesy of Maureen

Anne Suplee Director | Regulatory Affairs at Safeway

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